What’s Electronic Logging Device Mandate & How It Work

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An ELD (electronic logging device) is an electronic quick fix that lets expert commercial vehicle carriers & truck drivers to conveniently track and record their hours of service.

The Advantages of ELD Software:

ELDs helps to avert any unintentional or deliberate HOS (hours of service) breaches, as well as any penalty to the driver because of a lapse in documented logs. Improved consent with HOS guidelines assures drivers have satisfactory rest to run commercial vehicles carefully.

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations were revised by the FMCSA to upgraded design & performance standards for ELDs.

The Final Rule or ELD mandate states that operators of commercial vehicles have to use ELDs or electronic logging devices. Drivers & carriers must all have ELDs in their trucks by December 18, 2017.

The functionality of ELD:

  • Allows the driver of a commercial motor vehicle to sign in & select Off-duty, Not Driving and On-Duty, or On-duty.
  • Get connected to an engine of the vehicle to track when the vehicle is in action.
  • Get authorized on the website of FMCSA.
  • Offer information in a regulated layout that can be addressed to law enforcement in distinct formats i.e. in USB, wireless web solutions, or Bluetooth.
  • Demonstrate a record of work status so that the driver can promptly glimpse the hours of service in a day.

The mandate applies to all vehicle drivers who’re presently needed to have documentation RODS. The vehicle drivers employ Electronic Logging Device Software, to preserve RODS in seven or more days out of every single month. The FMCSA presumes these mandate will influence 3.5 million drivers.

While this mandate will impact so many commercial drivers, there are circumstances that are immune from the mandate:

  • Drive away - tow away affairs: If the commercial vehicle is being handled as part of the freight (the vehicle is the product being transited).
  • Short-haul drivers: Drivers who use the 150 air-mile radius exception or the 100 air-mile radius exception.
  • Pre-2000 vehicles: Models of the vehicle dated 1999 or before based on vehicle identification number.

If you are keen in having your ELD’s integrated with your software then this is the best time to do so! Call us today to know more about our ELD Compliance Software. We’d love to impart our knowledge on to you!

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