Accounts Payable Software Systems Must Have This Feature

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Accounts payable software is an integrated platform that administers a company’s relationship with its creditors. It automated invoice processing, payable approvals, and payment implementation. The application detects errors, tracks invoices, and enhances the effectiveness and preciseness of accounts payable work, letting accountants to deal with large volumes of invoices. This enhances fund management and decreases manual errors.

Accounts payable software systems are widely used by accounting departments to administer the accounts payables process, by executives and managers to screen accounts payable activities, and by procurement teams to match POs with payables.

AP software lets vendors & suppliers submit invoices and track the status of their payments for the products & services they offered. AP software can be delivered as a stand-alone product that offers advanced features for complicated accounts payable operations, as part of an Accounting Software suite, or as a component of an ERP system.

AI being employed to analyse large numbers of accounts payable transactions for error finding & AP trends. AP AI improves accuracy & accelerates processing times.

Cloud-based platforms are widely acknowledged as they’re scalable, readily integrate new features, support ERP systems integration, and make it easier to get up and running faster.

A reliable Accounts Payable Software System must have the following features:

  • Invoice submission - automated, data transfer, data capture, and data entry
  • Invoice processing & tracking
  • Portals for vendor and supplier invoicing
  • Purchase Order & invoice matching
  • Invoice & payment order matching, tracking, and approval
  • Payment automation – electronic EFT or ACH, automated check printing
  • Notification about due date 
  • Alerts about duplicate payment 
  • Vendor and Supplier Management – terms, payment account details, contact info.
  • Document Management
  • Accounting regulation & standards compliance
  • AP reporting, dashboards, data visualization
  • Integration with accounting, ERP suites

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