What’s Dispatch Software & What Are Their Benefits

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Dispatch software refers to digital solutions that handle assigning techs to booked jobs, tracking of trucks out on the road, keeping a track of equipment locations, determination of adequate supplies, inventory and in some cases scheduling future appointments.

The software give power to dispatchers to easily accomplish tasks that were cumbersome or tedious on pen and paper and make better, faster decisions for sustaining efficiency. They can see where the next appointment, who is assigned, and if they are going to make it timely. In ideal cases, dispatchers can also match technicians to specific jobs for highest earnings – a high level strategy known as “dispatching for profit.”

What dispatch software does?

Dispatch software captures a significant amount of data about more than one aspect of your business. As soon as a call is booked, the software allocates all homeowner data to the job. Essentially, it lets dispatchers not only see the location of the new job, but also dive into different other details that could affect which tech to allocate & when to schedule them.

Also the software identifies where technicians are out in the field in real-time. Top-notch dispatch software will also let dispatchers send & receive SMS text to homeowners to update them on the status of a job – or alert them to delays or reasons to reschedule.

Advantages of dispatch software:

Dispatch software allocates the jobs to the technician in the most efficient possible manner. This decreases the amount of time that it requires to get a tech on the way to the consumer. Also the software matches open time slots to routine upkeep & repair requests – decreasing holes in a tech’s schedule and amplifying their number of accomplished tasks.

There are also different software features dispatchers can leverage that make usually tough, complicated, or time-taking tasks a snap:

  • Easy drag & drop scheduling
  • Intuitive click-and-drag job duration modification
  • Color-coded job categories for improved visualization
  • Useful right-click flyout menu to access critical info
  • And more!

These useful features not just mean that your dispatchers’ duties become rationalized, but it also allows them to better strategize & make high-level decisions that can upshot in more compact, lucrative schedules, lesser costly errors, and the type of responsive, on-the-fly decisions that keep consumers in-the-loop, serviced, and satisfied.

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