What’s an ELD and Why It Is Necessary

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Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are turning out to be a critical part of commercial trucking. This technology offers a precise, simple means of keeping the records that drivers & fleet operators are needed by law to maintain.

The US FMCSA (United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) stipulates that ELD use will be compulsory for most commercial vehicles starting Dec.18, 2017 & for all vehicles covered under this legislation by December 16, 2019.

It is critical to know that ELDs don’t inflict an extra layer of regulation on the trucking industry. Rather, these devices are intended to make an already-needed everyday task simpler to conduct.

What does an ELD do?

Vehicle info captured & transmitted by the ELD includes:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Motor carrier identification
  • Date
  • Time
  • Geographic location
  • Miles traveled
  • Engine power up & shutdown
  • Yard moves
  • Sixty-minute intervals of motion
  • Engine diagnostics & malfunction

Driver information includes:

  • Driver or authorized user identification
  • Driver logon/logoff
  • Hours of service (HOS)
  • Duty status changes (driving, on duty, off duty)
  • Personal use
  • Certification of driver’s daily record


Why ELDs are essential?

The FMCSA is accountable for encouraging safe driving practices in the commercial trucking industry. That encompasses oversight of vehicle safety & all drivers’ records of duty status.

The agency determined that the conventional procedure employed for keeping these records – paper logbooks – was insufficient in meeting the benchmarks for safety & precision. Paper logs are vulnerable to error – and collecting, inspecting, modifying and storing paperwork is an unwanted organizational burden in the digital age. They’re intended to protect drivers from compulsion and harassment and safeguard drivers’ rights.

Electronic logging devices provide advantages to the agency & to trucking fleets or individual operators – in efficiency & ease of use. They make the everyday task of keeping records faster, smarter and simpler.

Vehicle fleets & drivers who’ve made the switch to ELD say that they would never want to come back to the systems they used earlier. With ELDs, they’ve eradicated having to deal with significant amount of paper. They can make entries to the log in seconds, employing easy onscreen commands. Many drivers report that they have considerably decreased the amount of administrative work they used to have when filling out, checking and revising paper logbooks.

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