What’s ELD Mandate & How to Select the Best ELD System for Your Business

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An ELD is a device that mechanically records specific data elements at a fixed interval. These elements include location, date, time, engine hours, and vehicles miles alongside identification info for the driver, vehicle, authorized user, and motor carrier. The ELD will start recording data in driving mode as soon as the CMV is moving at speeds excess of 5 miles per hour, and can use in-motion mode at speeds lesser than 5 miles per hour. If the vehicle slows to 0 miles per hour for three successive seconds, the ELD considers it stopped.

An LED needs software, and fleet operators should verify that their new ELD software is attuned with their fleet management software to make sure the two will work together after ELD installment.

Why the ELD Mandate was introduced?

The ELD mandate was initiated to substitute preciously existing & less precise methods like paper logs and automatic on-board recording devices which keep Record of Duty Statuses (RODS).

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How to select the best ELD system for your business?

To meet the terms of the FMCSA’s ELD mandate, fleet operators should make sure they’ve a regulation-compliant ELD installed in each one of their vehicles. And to do so, they should choose a firm that provides an ELD system ideal for the purpose.

While choosing the right ELD system vendor, a fleet operator should take into account the following aspects of their operations:

  • Size of fleet: The total number of vehicles in an operation can change which ELD supplier is most attractive. You will wish a company that offers ELDs to identically sized fleets.
  • Data required: All the ELD suppliers should offer the FMCSA-obligated data, but some fleet operations are used to recording extra data with their present system, whether via paper logs or AOBRDs.
  • Types of shipping service: If your business employs LTL shipping, then a management system particularly designed for LTL may be best.
  • Pricing: When looking for a quote, don’t hesitate to inquire regarding monthly subscription charges.
  • Areas covered: What geographic location will your vehicles cover?
  • Customer service: Check out the customer support reputation of the ELD suppliers you are considering. Are you comfortable with the quality of the support you will depend on if your drivers require any assistance with their ELD?

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